We are a team of boundary slayers and change agents to support people like you who want more for themselves and their careers. Our leadership specialists are gifted at supporting you with all the right tools and a framework to make it happen. Join us and our community of like-minded professionals in one of our self-guided courses or let us challenge you 1 on 1.

We are known for creating bespoke leadership programs to support corporate teams. We shake it up, support growth and help team leaders shift their thinking to clear the path for a more productive and cohesive team who are ready to deliver on their goals.

We developed an award winning Women in Leadership Development program and have run it regionally and with great success since 2016. We are outcome focused with proven results and our aim is to educate, support, guide and empower women in their careers. Ultimately, we want to support women to achieve leadership positions and improve the economic development for women in regional areas of Australia, as well as Workplace Gender Diversity. We are continually growing the number of partnerships in our current programs as well as expanding into new growth regions and online. 

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"We are passionate about giving Regional areas of Australia, access to quality professional development. We support others see the opportunities that are within and around them."

Suzy Miller


Meet Suzy

Suzy Miller is an award winning, highly regarded professional in the field of executive and leadership development, with a decade in business and running Leadership and Mentoring programs. Suzy draws on her 22 years’ experience in a global finance company and 10 years as a Senior Executive, leading teams of up to 250 people with 26 remote sites.


Suzy loves motivating, inspiring and growing others and then seeing them achieve. This has been recognised with the following accolades:


-2019 AFR/Qantas Australia "100 Women of Influence" 

-2018 Finalist NSW Business Woman of the Year award 

-2016 Winner Gosford Australia Day Outstanding Achievement Award 

Whilst trophies and getting frocked up are nice, nothing beats the feeling for Suzy supporting people slaying the boundaries that are within them or around them. She’s crazy outcome focussed and is proud of her squad, who come together with like minds and different approaches to slay the goals of clients!


Quote she lives by: “Only YOU determine your potential, NO ONE else has that power, so don’t give it away.”

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