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Women in Leadership Development Program

Our programs leverage thousands of hours of leadership training and executive coaching as well as current research findings to deliver a unique learning opportunity: a blend of workshops and power free mentor partnerships.  


We offer a new way forward in learning..

We focus on experiential learning embedded by regular one on one mentor interaction and tap into the vast experience of our program mentors to ensure our content remains topical, current and regionally focused. Mentoring partnerships focus on opportunities to develop and our unique and inclusive learning environment creates adaptable and effective future leaders.


Fast-tracked skill development …

We provide you the real-world skills and tools you need in order to succeed in leadership roles from small and medium businesses to multi nationals. You benefit from over 5 months of immersed learning that incorporates both self-lead education practices and guided workshops. We surround you with leaders and professionals from your local business community who understand the challenges you face and can work with you to navigate them.


Results focused …

You’ll be able to apply what you learn in real time, to make an immediate impact on leadership challenges in your workplace.


We offer 2 professional development options:

1. Participant – aimed at professionals looking to move into a leadership role or take their current leadership role to the next level . Our program is proven to be effective with both the public and private sectors and within varied organisation sizes and industries.

2. Mentor - perfect for established business, community or senior leaders looking to challenge themselves and grow their leadership skills. You’ll learn skills that are transferable in your role as a senior leader whilst empowering an emerging professional, building your network and benefiting from your own executive coaching sessions.


Program Outline


Program Duration:

5 months



  • 9 x modules in 3 workshops

  • Comprehensive program handbook

  • 6 x mentoring sessions

  • D.I.S.C profile

  • Professional head shot photos



  • 9 x modules in 3 workshops

  • Comprehensive program handbook

  • 6 x mentoring sessions with your participant

  • D.I.S.C profile

  • Professional head shot photos

  • 3 x executive coaching sessions

  • 1 x mentoring and coaching professional development workshop


Program Content:

  • Goal Setting

  • Self Awareness

  • Personal Branding

  • Know Your Value

  • Networking

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Managing Priorities

  • Career Planning

  • Self Reflection and Evaluation


Statistics from our past programs show that:

  • 100% of mentors go on to mentor others

  • Active meeting participation increased by 54%

  • 100% of our Alumni recommend this program

  • 73% improvement in priority management

  • Leadership proficiency improves by 43%


Our team are boundary slayers, any questions or hurdles you think you need to overcome in order to access this program, we can help!

Let's Make Change

Here is how you can get involved:

Invest in your female employees as Participants
Invest in male and female senior leaders as Mentors
Contact us about sponsoring a Scholarship package 

This enables a  disadvantaged or Aboriginal women to be involved at no cost
See past supporting organisations