© 2016 by The Opportunity Collective Incorporated

© 2016 by The Opportunity Collective Incorporated

“Gender inequality undermines economic growth, human development and poverty reduction. The evidence is clear – investing in women is not just the right thing to do – it is the smart thing to do.”

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon Julie Bishop MP

Career Womens Mentoring Program

Who are we supporting?


The program pairs women in pre to middle management roles with women and men in senior leadership for a mentoring experience that shifts the way participants approach their careers.

​We are committed to a diverse program and strive to make a difference in the lives of regional women. We will continue to seek funding to offer scholarships for Aboriginal women and women from a disadvantaged background.

Our programs are currently being run on the Central Coast NSW (March to August) and Newcastle NSW (May to October). We are seeking expressions of interest for a program in Maitland, likely to commence in November 2019. We are expanding into other growth Regions in 2020.

How does it work?


The program runs for four to five months and includes four half-day group workshops and a minimum of six hours one-on-one mentoring. Goal setting underpins early workshops, which are targeted at the areas research has shown hold women back in careers.

The aim for all involved is to accelerate
professional development and increase
professional networks. For mentors,
‘giving back’ to the region’s economy
and people, while gaining new skills.


Mentors receive a full day of training including an Introduction to Coaching. Executive Coaching to set goals and embed skills that can be applied to their own workplace, culture
and life.

Why should we?

Improving the gender balance in
management positions will improve the economic development for women in Regional Australia.

We want to reduce the number of women
currently commuting to capital cities for work,
as they see very few opportunities in
our region that enable them to live local,
work local.

We want to see a diverse workforce,
career-ready to take on the new employment opportunities coming to growth regions.
We want to inspire and invest in local women at all levels of their careers.

Be a Participant
Be a Mentor

Want to have a successful career but don't know how to navigate that on your own? Do you have goals and dreams but right now they feel unreachable?


We are seeking women who are in pre to middle management, to be mentored by a member of the community, who has achieved success in their career. Over the four to five months of the program, you will attend four half-day workshops on some key topics affecting women in their careers. Subject to funding, we hope to again have a number of places reserved for disadvantaged or Indigenous women.

For more information on the program contact us and we will email you the program overview for participants. Or complete the Expression of Interest.


To apply to be a Participant in our future programs, please complete the Participant Application Form

We are seeking women and men, who are or have been in senior leadership roles in their career, to be mentors. Your experience will make a difference to a woman in career & life.


You'll attend one day of training in mentoring with an introduction to coaching. Then you will be partnered to work one on one over four to five months with a woman who is in pre to middle management. You'll attend four half-day workshops on some key topics for women in their careers. For your own development you will also have three Executive Coaching sessions over the phone.

For more information on the program contact us and we will email you the program overview for mentors. Or complete the Expression of Interest.

To apply to be a Mentor in our future programs, please complete the Mentor Application Form

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

Milton Berle

Corporate Sponsor

Are you interested in investing in a program that will make a real difference in the diversity of our workforce in Regional Australia? Your funds will go directly towards the cause and provide opportunities for others to grow. Being a small non profit organisation means that any help you can provide will make a very real and tangible impact. Your contribution will not get lost like in a big organisation, it will be highly valued and sincerely appreciated.

Please contact us and complete your details and we will be in touch. 

Program Supporters