© 2016 by The Opportunity Collective Incorporated

© 2016 by The Opportunity Collective Incorporated

"We are passionate about creating hope and we do this by helping others see the opportunities that are within and around them."

Suzy Miller - Director The Opportunity Collective

​Who are we?

The Opportunity Collective Incorporated is a Not for Profit organisation established in 2016. Our aim is to educate, support, guide and empower youth and women in their careers and life.


​​Our Committee is made up by a group of passionate women and men from Regional Australia. All have had careers in a vast range of industries but come together with a shared vision.

In 2018 we were proud to be a State Finalist in the NSW Business Chamber awards, having won the Regional Category.



Why do we exist?

Despite the recent increase in women completing tertiary education and women making up 46.2% of the workforce in Australia, there is still an alarming dispersion of women moving up the ladder in business.


Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016 report showed that Women hold 14.2% of chair positions, 23.6% of directorships, as well as represent 15.4% of CEOs and 27.4% of key management personnel. In Regional Areas the statistics are reported to be much worse.

What do we stand for?

We will strive to create a diverse workforce with a focus on being the catalyst for change with women, youth, Indigenous people and people from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Ultimately we want to help women achieve leadership positions, which will improve the economic development for women, in Regional Areas of Australia.

We want to inspire girls to see that they can have a successful career as senior leaders and get equal pay for their work.

Who are we lead by?

Our founder and director, Suzy Miller is an experienced and highly regarded professional in the field of executive and leadership development. She discovered her passion during 22 years in the corporate world with 10 years in senior management positions leading teams of 250 people. In 2011, she established Leadership Within and now has a team of associates, working with senior managers and individuals worldwide. Suzy is a motivational speaker, in the field of personal and  professional development.

​Suzy has run Career Women Mentoring Programs for NSW Police, in an effort to increase the number of women in senior ranks. In addition to her work with corporate leaders, Suzy has lead Youth Leadership Mentoring Programs, which have involved over 400 local teenagers. Her objective was to connect youth with volunteer community mentors and support them to achieve personal & life long growth in personal leadership.


Suzy is also a co-founder of She Story, a movement to support women to have positive relationships and encourage each other. She is also a Land Leader of the 5 Lands Walk, a cultural festival based on the NSW Central Coast. The festival aims to connect people to Aboriginal culture, performing and creative arts and the diversity of each other, whilst following at 10km Coastal Walk.


Suzy won an Outstanding Achievement award in the 2016 Australia Day Awards and was a finalist in the 2018 NSW Business Woman of the Year. Both awards were recognising her tireless work in developing leadership in women and youth.