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Established in 2016, The Opportunity Collective Inc. is a registered charity. Our aim is to educate, support, guide and empower women in their careers. We support women to achieve leadership positions to create leadership pathways and improve the economic development for women in Regional Areas of Australia, and improve Workplace Gender Diversity.

Our Committee is made up by a group of passionate women and men from Regional Australia. All have had careers in a vast range of industries but come together with a shared vision.

"We are passionate about giving Regional areas of Australia, access to quality professional development. We support others see the opportunities that are within and around them."

Suzy Miller - Director The Opportunity Collective

Our Mission

We empower, build confidence, and enable Regional Women and Youth

Our Vision

We lead people to realise their potential

Our Values

  • We respect diversity and difference

  • We act professionally with integrity, honesty and reliability

  • We deliver with genuine passion and conviction

  • We motivate others and challenge what they think is possible for them

  • We connect with Regional communities at all levels

Our Leader

Suzy Miller is a champion for Regional women and youth from diverse backgrounds, working to empower them to become the next generation of leaders. Throughout her career, Suzy has been passionate about taking her skills and translating them into programs and presentations that lift the aspiration and performance of underrepresented groups.

Suzy worked for the NAB for 21 years, as a senior manager leading teams of up to 250 staff. On leaving NAB in 2011, she established a Leadership Development and Executive Coaching business, where she works with leaders worldwide to build leadership capabilities.


Motivated by a desire to use her expertise for the community’s benefit, Suzy began volunteering and shortly after, was running Youth Leadership Programs. Over 6 years, Suzy’s leadership saw over 400 Central Coast/Hunter young people connect to their community, build their aspirations, goals and develop leadership skills.


 She is passionate about improving the economic development for youth and women in Regional Australia and giving them access to quality professional development.


In 2019, Suzy was listed in the AFR and Qantas Australia "100 Women of Influence" Awards. In 2018, Suzy was the first Central Coast woman to be a top 4 Finalist in the NSW Business Woman of the year. Suzy was the recipient of a 2016 Gosford City Council Australia Day Outstanding Achievement Award, recognising her contribution in developing leadership in youth and women.


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